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The important thing at a job
Date: Fri, 14 Apr 2000 07:48:21
From: Richard E. Lee <>
Subject: No subject was specified.

I am sorry I have been out of touch recently. I am trying to think what has made me so busy, and I can't! True, the concert is taking a lot of our time planning, thinking, arranging, changing. And my health does take some time too. Actually I am feeling very healthy, very good, very strong, but I am also taking all kinds of supplements, doing new things, investigating possibilities. So all of this takes time and concentration. Even study.

But I do think about you and your new job. I think your attitude is excellent. The job isn't that important. Some people go crazy plotting, planning, scheming, politicking. I know. We had plenty of it at State. Plenty. And I lost myself in it occasionally. But to be slightly removed yet present--that is the better way, I think. So I am all for you and your drive home, the more scenic route. Good for you. Now I go. We are going to be interviewed by a tiny newspaper-magazine out here in 29-Palms today. I do not like interviews, but they are necessary I guess, so I will go along with it.


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