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Books by Hall and DeSalvo
Date: Wed, 23, Jun 1999 04:18:51
Author: richard lee <>
Subject: Re: First day of summer

Hi, Daralee.... I am a reader too these days. I've just finished Donald Hall's Life Work. He is a poet, essayist, ex-professor, etc, and Life Work is a short book about his work habits and the problems he has had to face. He is a very good, generous-hearted, intelligent man. I liked the book a lot. Also Writing as a Way of Healing by a woman by the name of DeSalvo. She teaches at Hunter College, but this book is really beyond classrooms. It is one of the best books on or about writing that I know. It asks that writers go deep within themselves for their subjects. Yes, a good book. I won't mention the other books I am reading. Certainly not the detective stories. I am also writing a lot, drawing a lot, and computing a lot. So good-bye a lot. r


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