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Shamanism Workshop
excerpt from a letter postmarked February 23, 1984

...I was at Big Sur a couple of weeks ago doing a workshop in Shamanism. Who knows? Maybe I am a Shaman after all, a reborn, reincarnated Shaman. But probably not. Most of the people in the workshop were medical doctors and God know they aren't Shamans. But I bought a drum and I drum my way into other worlds, other spaces and places. I have a power animal at my side, and actually I conducted a kind of thing the other night at home here where some friends got their own power animals. I drummed them down, down, down, and up they came with something very valuable for them....

[For more about Shamanism, read Richard's poem, "
Shaman Song." Also, see photos of Ceremonial Sounds for pictures of the drums.]


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