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Gordon McClelland, 2009 Gordon T. McClelland's citrus crate label collection

How my citrus crate label collection began - Gordon T. McClelland, historian and author of Fruit Box Labels: An Illustrated Price Guide to Citrus Labels, and owner of one of the largest citrus crate label collections in the world, explains how he got started collecting labels.
Merlex Stucco, 1969 Olive Hillside Groves

Merlex Stucco building, formerly the 1928 Olive Hillside Groves plant - A few recollections by Susan VerBurg, owner of Merlex Stucco, along with photos of the 1928 packing house building.
Olive Heights Citrus Association Olive Heights Citrus Association

Description of the 1915 plant - Article from The California Citrograph
Front of 1928 plant in 1930 - Photo from Orange Daily News
Front of 1928 plant in 1950s - Photo from Sunkist Growers, Inc.
The packing house in the 1960s - Recollections by Gordon T. McClelland
Late night meetings at the OHCA - Recollections by Gordon T. McClelland
The 1900s warehouse used by the plant - 2009 photo
Lawrence Kokx, 1949 Lawrence Kokx

A brief biography about the man and his successful career
The packing house site then and now - 1945 article and photos from circa the late 1950s and recent times of the packing house and yard
View on Main Street, 1967 1967 view of Main Street and Orange-Olive Road. This photo taken in 1967 shows a partial view of the former Lawrence Kokx packing house and the active Olive Heights Citrus Association packing house.

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