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This section features four churches in Olive: three which no longer exist, and one which continues to thrive in the City of Orange today.


Olive church and school articles

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Presbyterian Church at Olive Presbyterian Church at Olive

The church with the oldest history in Olive Heights
- Olive's first church was established near the site of present day North Orange Christian Church.
St. Paul's Lutheran Church St. Paul's Lutheran church and school

Growing through time reading the signs - St. Paul's Lutheran Church and School is the oldest, continually-operating entity from the history of Olive.
Olive Assembly Church Olive Assembly church and school

A church and school at the crossroads of changing times - Olive Assembly Church and School thrived during the 1960s but disappeared by the early 2000s.
Lincoln Avenue Baptist Church Lincoln Avenue Baptist Church

A mission in Olive comes to a close, but its sanctuary remains - Lincoln Avenue Baptist Church had similar beginnings as Olive Assembly Church, but in 2015 merged with another church organization.


Olive church and school sites on the map

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Churches in Olive area, 1938
This 1938 photo identifies bungalows that would house Olive Mission and Olive Assembly of God churches in the early '60s.

1964 map showing Olive churches All four churches are identified in this 1964 map, including locations past and present.

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