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1899 - 1900 Olive residents
1931 Ranchers in Olive

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Paulus home, circa late 1920s Paulus family home on Meats Avenue in the southern Olive area, circa the late 1920s.   Jonathan Watson home, 1930 Irrigation pioneer Jonathan Watson's home in the northeastern Olive area, 1930.

Gus McClintock, circa  1940s Gus McClintock at his home on 8641 Oceanview (circa the 1940s) where he lived until his death in 1961. Gus' best friend and hunting buddy was Rudy Heman who ran the Olive Heights Citrus Association packing house. Pictured with Gus is his favorite rifle "Bessie" and two bucks he hunted in the Santa Ana Canyon. - Ross McClintock, Gus' grandson
Ross A. McClintock Ross Augustus McClintock, son of Gus and Iva McClintock, was a native of Olive where he lived until his early adulthood. His daughter Julia submitted photos of her father Ross in Olive from his childhood until his service in WWII. Click / tap the image at left to view the photo compilation. [NOTE: See Ross in the 1933 Olive Grammar School 5th and 6th grade class portrait.]
Fritz Meyers, mid-1970s Fritz Meyers in a Model T Ford in Olive, CA in the mid-1970s. Fritz was the son of rancher / businessman Henry C. Meyers and the father of Fred Meyers who submitted this photo.


Historic homes in Olive Heights

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Front of Schorn home
Front of Louis Schorn's Victorian home built at the corner of Bixby and Ocean View circa 1889.

Rear of Schorn home Rear view of Louis Schorn's home seen from the gravel path behind the olive trees on the property.
Illustration of path behind Schorn home My ink illustration of the gravel path behind the Schorn home, showing olive trees to the right.   Gelker Adobe, 1935 Ben Gelker's adobe built of bricks from the area in 1935. Gelker arrived here in the 1920s.
Gelker Adobe The Gelkers lived in this adobe home at the corner of Buena Vista and Ocean View until the late 1970s.   Gelker Adobe View looking south down Ocean View at the Gelker Adobe, its adobe bricks painted white.

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