Olive Through the Ages

Timeline of events in Olive: 8000 BC-800 AD

8000 BC-800 AD  |  1769-1869  |  1871-1891  |  1892-1957  |  1958-Present

8000 BC or earlier "Early Horizon" period - First known evidence of human existence in Orange County. Articulated spear throwers called atlatls indicate the presence of semi-nomadic hunters of larger game.9
5000 BC "Millingstone Horizon" period - Evidence of seed grinding implements, shellfish collecting, and atlatl hunting.9
1500 - 1000 BC "Intermediate Horizon" period - Artifacts of stone mortars and pestles for acorn processing, and atlatls with large, crude, projectile points.9
800 AD "Late Horizon" period - Diversified hunting and gathering economy; extensive trade networks; social and political structures, and religious institutions. Native Americans in the Olive region are believed to be the same peoples as those whom the first Europeans encountered in the mid-1500s and later named the Gabrielino. This name was derived from Mission San Gabriel, founded in 1771.9

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