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This memorial celebrates the life of Richard E. Lee, professor, poet, and friend who was born on March 10, 1922 and died on December 14, 2001.

Richard was talented, with a gift for the arts and for understanding the spiritual nature of our existence. He was truly a unique and brave individual, and shall be sorely missed. But rather than mourning his loss, somehow I feel that he would prefer his life to be celebrated, for to the end of his days his soul was vibrant as he pursued his quest—ever in search of the essence of self, and of life.

At this memorial, you can read sketches of Richard's life story, his poems, see some photos and illustrations, and share in the ongoing tribute by friends and loved ones.

Richard E. Lee by Savya Lee

Photo of Richard Lee by Savya Lee. Image of sunflower in banner by Richard E. Lee.