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Welcome to 1st Dragoon's Web Sites

Welcome to "1st Dragoon's Web Sites," featuring "Life Stories of Civil War Heroes," and "Voices from the Fields: Poetry and Sketches of the Great War." These Web sites have been established in memory of soldiers who served in the American Civil War or in World War One.

"Life Stories of Civil War Heroes" includes the best contents of the original, award-winning GeoCities site that bears the same name. This secondary site was created for the purpose of easing traffic at the original site.

NOTE: The original site at GeoCities will be gone before the end of 2009 due to the impending closure of GeoCities.

Copyright Information

All articles, illustrations, and pages on these non-profitable Web sites ("1st Dragoon's Web Sites," "Life Stories of Civil War Heroes," and "Voices from the Fields: Poetry and Sketches of the Great War") have been written, created, developed, and designed by "1st Dragoon" unless otherwise denoted. The concept and entire contents of these Web sites—including articles, images, graphics, design, and information on Web pages—are the property of "1st Dragoon's Web Sites," "1st Dragoon's Civil War Site," and "1st Dragoon's Great War Site." Under the protection of copyright laws for Web sites, this material may not be copied or reproduced in any manner or form except for personal use only. However, under special circumstances, permission may be granted to reproduce selected portions of this material in printed or electronic format solely for non-commercial use. If authorization is granted, credit to this Web site must accompany the material. Requests and queries on this matter should be submitted to dota@yahoo.com.

Please be informed that you do not need to contact me to request permission in the following situations:

  • You wish to use material from this Web site in a term paper for a classroom assignment.

Any material from this Web site should be used as a reference only—the paper itself must be written in your own words.

  • You wish to create a link from your Web site to this Web site.

When linking to any page in this Web site, you must not copy that page to your Web site.

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The banner ads that display at the top of all pages serve as a source of revenue for Tripod, the host of these Web sites. Tripod determines the type of ads to display based on the Web sites previously visited on your computer.

Thank You for Visiting

Thank you for visiting. I hope you will find the information on these sites educational and interesting.

- 1st Dragoon

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