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Major Higginson in 1863  

The Life Story of
Major Henry Lee Higginson

"Practical Idealism and the Gift for Friendship"


This essay has taken a great while to come to fruition, but the time it has taken has yielded a bounty of knowledge and wisdom which I hope I have imparted in this essay and in related articles at this Web site. Through my research and studies on Mr. Higginson I was not only educated about a profoundly heroic and humanitarian individual, but by reading his own words and learning about his life work I also found myself rediscovering my deepest, innermost values. One of the greatest of these values is the goal of striving for the well being and good of humanity by practicing a kind of "practical idealism."

The articles in this collection would not have been posted here if it were not for Brian Pohanka who introduced me to Henry Lee Higginson. I am grateful for Brian's encouragement, assistance and inspiration throughout this project, and for his significant contributions to this body of work. Brian's tireless efforts in keeping alive the memory of Civil War heroes such as Henry Lee Higginson have helped to increase public awareness of the countless sacrifices and selfless deeds of many honorable soldiers and citizens. These heroes are a part of our culture and our heritage; may they not be forgotten.


Black and white photo of John Singer Sargent's 1903 painting of Higginson from The Life and Letters of Henry Lee Higginson, by Bliss Perry, Boston: The Atlantic Monthly Press, 1921. Image courtesy of Brian Pohanka.


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