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merica's Civil War was a time of turmoil in our nation, from 1861-1865. During this period, families, friends, and loved ones were separated or parted, and thousands suffered and died. But despite people's hardships and adversities, many persevered. Through their trials they accomplished great and extraordinary deeds that they might never have realized had they not been put to the test. Sadly, for some, their lives would end before they could completely fulfill their dreams.

The lives of a few of the noble and brave are presented here, along with sources that may be of interest for more in-depth study. Tributes to the common soldier, valiant unsung heroes, and veterans are also included—that they will not be forgotten. It is my hope that the spirit of the countless heroic souls who fought or contributed significantly in America's Civil War will live on throughout the ages.


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  Charles Hopkins   Clara Barton
  Henry Lee Higginson   Henry Timrod
      Walt Whitman
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  Dutch Hoffmann (modern writer)   Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.
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  Robert E. Lee   Brian Pohanka (historian)
  Abraham Lincoln   Hiram Duryea
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  Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson   ...and more inside. Click on a link below....

The Soul of an Idealistic, Noble Soldier: A memorial tribute to Brian C. Pohanka (1955-2005), Civil War historian and site contributor.

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