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Dutch Hoffmann  

Life of the Common Soldier

Tales by Texas Ranger
Dutch Hoffmann

So what exactly did the common soldier do while not engaged in battle? Find out how the men lived and what they did to pass the time in these engaging, fictionalized letters by my friend, Dutch Hoffmann. Dutch, who has long researched the life of the common soldier, paints a vivid picture in the style of the great 19th century humorists, with colorful descriptions and a wealth of factual information.

April 4, 1862:   The Bottle of Moonshine
July 21, 1862:   The Battle at Murfreesboro*
December 12, 1862:   Story of the Stars**
March 15, 1863:   A Syrupy River of Mud
December 28, 1863:   A Christmas Cabin
January 16, 1864:   Tale of the Prodigal Pistol
March 9, 1864:   The Magnificent Cake

* "The Battle at Murfreesboro" recalls the horrors of the battle on July 13, 1862. Virtually all the details in this letter by Dutch are factual.

** "Story of the Stars" tells about the sighting of the annual Geminid meteor shower, first noted in 1862.

Image above courtesy of Dutch Hoffmann.


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