Olive Through the Ages

Citrus industry

The Citrus industry section contains links to the following sub-sections: Crate labels, Packing houses, and Stories and images. The latter sub-section contains links to pages within that sub-section.

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Citrus Industry Section
Crate labels
Packing houses
Stories and images:
Lawrence Kokx biography
Lawrence Kokx 1945 plant and yard
About Olive Hillside Groves 1928 plant
Olive Heights Citrus Association, 1915
Olive Heights Citrus Association in the 1960s - by Gordon T. McClelland
Olive Heights Citrus Association in the 1960s & '70s: Late night meetings - by Gordon T. McClelland
How my citrus crate label collection began - by Gordon T. McClelland
Citrus Products, Inc. "Plus" brand canned citrus juice label (contributor: Pulley)

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