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This page contains links to articles and stories about Mission Clay Products Company from 1930 to 1960.


Mission Clay Products Company, "a thriving business" in 1930

Orange Daily News, 1930  

A full-page ad about Olive, CA was featured in the Orange County Fair Edition of the 1930 Orange (Cal.) Daily News. This ad, sponsored in part by Mission Clay Products Company, includes the following description of the company: "Adjacent to Olive is one of the largest tile and brick plants in the county, that does a thriving business."

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- Advertisement courtesy Sherman Library and Gardens


Wall of home made of bricks from Olive, CA

According to Dr. William O. Hendricks, Director of the research library at Sherman Library and Gardens in Corona del Mar, one of the walls of the 1940s house at the library is made of bricks that came from Olive, CA. Historian Gordon McClelland and I believe these bricks were most likely manufactured by Mission Clay Products Company, an important maker of bricks in the region for many decades.

Click/tap here to view a photo of the wall on the 1940s house in Corona del Mar built with bricks that probably came from Mission Clay Products Company.


Mission Clay Products' expansion in 1959

Business for Mission Clay Products Company still must have been thriving in the late 1950s. In an article from the January 25, 1959 edition of Los Angeles Times entitled "Clay Pipe Plant to Be Enlarged," the following news was reported:

OLIVE, Jan. 24 - Orange County Planning Commission has authorized an addition to a clay pipe manufacturing plant at Santiago Blvd. [Lincoln Avenue] and Tustin Ave. Application was made by the Mission Clay Products Co.

- Source: ProQuest Historical Newspapers, Los Angeles Times (1881 - 1986)

NOTE: The expansion was made to the north of the existing property. Compare the 1959 U.S. Geological Survey aerial map and 1970 U.S.G.S. aerial map images to see the differences in the boundaries before and after the expansion.



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