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three leaves

All things in the world are two...
American Indian is of the soil...
The Book of Five Rings (excerpt)
The brook would lose its song...
Come into Animal Presence
A day of faces to be
the desert i know best
The Delight Song of Tsoai-Talee
Dhammapada (excerpt)
Eleven Stars over...Andalusia
Full Consciousness
Gaelic Blessing
The Great Spirit is in all things...
I have lived and I have loved
If there is light in the soul...
Made in Taiwan
Magic Words
May the stars carry...
The Magnificent Bull
Mid-America Prayer excerpt
A Miracle for Breakfast
Native American Commandments
An Ojibway Prayer
Poems to the Sun
A Prayer for the World
The Prophet (excerpt)
Proverbios y Cantares "XXIX"
Rock and Hawk
Rock Garden
Shaman Song
Songs to Oshosi
Tao Te Ching "XI"
Thin Hymns (excerpt 1)
Thin Hymns (excerpt 2)
Today well lived...
Verses on the Faith Mind
When geometric diagrams...
Zen poetry

by Eagle Chief
by Luther Standing Bear
by Miyamoto Musashi
unknown poet
by Denise Levertov
by Richard Lee
by Richard Lee
by Max Erhmann
by N. Scott Momaday
translated from the Pali
from the Old Testament
by Mahmud Darwish
by Rabindranath Tagore
by Juan Ramón Jiménez
from the Gaelic
by Big Thunder
by Narihira
anonymous poet
from the Chinese
by Richard Lee
by Nalungiaq
by Chief Dan George
from the Dinka of Africa
by Simon J. Ortiz
by Elizabeth Bishop
from Native American literature
by George Walters
Egyptian Poetry
by St. Francis of Assisi
by Rabbi Harold S. Kushner
by Kahlil Gibran
by Antonio Machado
by Robinson Jeffers
by Richard Lee
by Richard Lee
by Hermann Hesse
from the Yoruba of Africa
by Charles Simic
by Minamoto no Toshiyori
by Lao Tzu
by Richard Lee
by Richard Lee
from the Sanskrit
by Chien-chih Seng-ts'an
by Novalis
by Ryokan

leaf buttonYuki Neko by DLO

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