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First E-Mail attempt

Date: 2/13/97 8:44 PM
Subject: Answer to your answer

Hello, Daralee. Thank you for answering my first e-mail attempt. It worked! The entire machine worked. Macintosh pulled it off with my help. I enjoyed hearing from you, but e-mail is so very quiet, isn't it? An ordinary letter makes noises when you take it from an envelope. It crinkles, cracks, and pops. But here there is nothing but the strange pitter patter of keys on the keyboard as I touch them, but that sound is so ineffable and ghostly, it is vaguely inhuman. Anyway, thank you. A lot. Do you work with IBM equipment? I hear it is harder than Macintosh. I can't imagine that. Macintosh is baffling, deceitful, cantankerous. For me it is hard. Anyway, good-bye. Take care. Richard Lee