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"the big laugh"

Date: Fri, 03 Mar 2000 07:53:20
From: Richard E. Lee <>
Subject: No subject was specified.

...I am writing a lot these days. My style may be changing. I am not sure. Every time I think there is this big breakthrough, I find I haven't changed at all. Not really. I am whoever I am. Please feel free to use anything of mine you want to [for your poetry Web site]. Here is a poem from yesterday. It's called "the big laugh." You need not like it. I think I do, but then I am not sure. It is true. I know that.

                         out of place here
                         the laugh that forecloses

                         noone to hear and join in

                         here spirit connives
                         against its own shortcomings

                         so the doctor doesn't call
                         as he said he would
                         so the nurse forgot
                         to remind him

                         are they going to operate?
                         are they going to fire up their x-ray machines?

                         there are other patients
                         in his waiting room, you know

                          the phone rings

                            it isn't for me

                            i am waiting

                            i am impatient

                              i begin to laugh

                              one of the doctor's cancer
                              patients is laughing

                                it is me

                                this is very funny

                                i may die laughing

Anyway, Daralee, have a lovely day and weekend and thank you once again.