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New York City trip plans

Date: Mon, 29 Mar 1999 03:16:00
Author: richard lee <>
Subject: Re: Hello

Hi, Daralee. Good to hear from you in all this glorious springy weather. ACHOOOOO! You sound happy, contented, and a fulfilled tax payer. We already have our refunds in hand, part of which I am using to fly to New York a week from tomorrow for a couple of weeks. I will be staying with a friend in Brooklyn. (He taught here in the late sixties.)... I may, though, spend two nights in a hotel way down in Tribeca, near SoHo, and Greenwich Village. I will do it just to experience again that kind of life. Wow! I am like a kid on his first trip away from home. Savya isn't going with me. True, I have made many, many trips by myself, but this time I feel especially vulnerable. She just doesn't like to travel. I understand that only too well, so be it. Anyway, you can sense my excitement, I think. New York, the greatest city anywhere, the most unpredictable, the loudest, the most colorful....Richard