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Orchids and the Integratron

Date: Wed, 05 Apr 2000 14:38:55
From: Richard E. Lee <>
Subject: No subject was specified.

Hi, Daralee. I have been off line, out of synch, incommunicado, and all like that for 24 hours. I let a nice lady use my computer to get her e-mail, and she must have deactivated my entire system. I couldn't even get the smiling mac face to appear. Nothing. Nada. She just happened to drop by again, and I mentioned it. She didn't. But this morning everything was back to normal....

There is an orchid "farm" thirty miles from here, a most extraordinary place with every kind of orchid plant you can imagine. We love going there. The blooms last from three to six months. The plant itself can survive almost--it seems--indefinitely. We are giving a concert at the Integratron on May 13th, 730 pm, a kind of big deal. It already is taking a lot of time and energy....