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Revisiting his "lost young adulthood" in New York City

Date: Thu, 06 May 1999 01:33:50
Author: richard lee <>
Subject: Re: Site Update

Hi, Daralee. We are busy getting ready for a full day of playing our music on the local college campus this Saturday. Unfortunately, it is getting warm out as well. I begin to melt when that happens. I hope our music doesn't.

Yes, I revisited my lost young adulthood in New York when I was there. I was just out of the army, newly married to my first wife, living in cheap quarters in Brooklyn, commuting to New York University in the village, Greenwich Village--the Washington Square Park area. When I saw a couple of weeks ago where I had lived, I couldn't believe it. Could anyone live in such run-down, dilapidated, outdated apartments? And of course I had lived there and loved it. It was all a great adventure. My life was ahead of me. So I revisited my past. I am not a native New Yorker, not by a long shot, just someone passing through on his way somewhere else, but what a great experience it was, what an education. Anyway, enough of that. I go back now to different drumming sounds, different whistles and bugle calls. A different music. The best to you, D. richard