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Contemplating his upcoming trip to Spain

Date: Thu, 08 May 2001 15:13:24
From: Richard Lee <>
Subject: Hi, Daralee

Thanks for your letter and the Ryokan poem. I think I just have to say he is my favorite poet most of the time. He is right there where you can meet him.

I forgot to tell you that Savya is not going with me. It is much too strenuous a pilgrimmage. And she isn't really called to walk the camino [de Santiago].

I have packed and unpacked and repacked and unstuffed and overstuffed. It is a learning experience about what we carry around with us, isn't it? Buddha urged his followers to be pilgrims. They must have carried packs. Did they have this trouble?

I think I am doing okay. If I could shave some years off my back, I think I might even be slightly ahead of the game. Unfortunately, it is easier to add more weight to my backpack than it is to remove age. I keep looking for the lightest packs and clothes and tooth brushes. But finally I have to stop. Because I will be on the road in a week or so.

I leave Monday. I may e-mail you from Spain, some cybercafe or other. But then who knows? I may never find one. And if I do I may have trouble with their systems.

Oh, well, wish me luck, Daralee.