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Fire in Joshua Tree

Date: Thu, 31 May 1999 18:57:11
Author: richard lee <>
Subject: Re: Fires

Good morning, Daralee. And bless you for your concern. We were never in any danger though we could see the smoke and the fires from the house. With my lung conditions, fire and smoke aren't a very good combination. But I stayed inside most of the time and used the [swamp] water coolers. Yesterday Savya and I drove into the park (it had been closed for a couple of days.) About four miles in you could see where the fires had been, how many acres were consumed, how they crossed the road. It was ugly but something that is as much a part of the natural life as flowers and sunsets. It will grow back. We went on to Barker Dam in the park and took a fine walk up to the dam itself. No fires there, just five miles or so from the burned over areas. Sorry to hear about your flu and dental emergency [chipped tooth]. I live always on the brink of that happening to me. My dentist can't believe that in fact it hasn't! Take care, Daralee, by having a great week.