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Father's Day

Date: Mon, 21 June 1999 22:12:23
Author: richard lee <>
Subject: Re: First day of summer

Hi, Daralee. I've been wondering what was happening to you. Now I know. Holiday and poetry. Great. I am glad to hear it. We were in Julian [California] this weekend visiting the home and studio of James Hubble, architect, artist, poet, designer. It was quite a fine experience. It was open house there, and people came from around the world, he is that famous. It is his home, where he started his incredibly original work, building a living space for his wife and family to be. So I saw a lot, learned a lot. And also on the way back to Joshua Tree got a traffic ticket for not coming to a complete stop at a four-way intersection. I should have told the police officer that (A) it was Father's Day and (B) I was too tired to stop and (C) the weekend had been very expensive and I didn't need any fines added to what I had already spent. But I didn't. I just said Thank you when he handed me the yellow slip. So there you have my weekend. Should I fight it and show 'em by just going to jail? Make them feel guilty about stopping an old man in a hurry? Take care. And stop really stop--at stupid stop signs. r