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The wonder of technology

Date: Mon, 17 Aug 1998 09:27:39
Author: richard lee <>
Subject: Re: GI Poems

Thank you, Daralee, for your letter. What a nice way to begin a Monday morning when you're fasting. I mean when I am fasting. Incidentally, fasting slows me down, so if I become incoherent, make mistakes, or guffaw suddenly, it is because I am in an altered state of fasting confusion. My second day.

Scanners have become better and better in the last few years. And cheaper and cheaper. It is really quite remarkable. The one I am using is a Umax Astra 600S. It takes up to legal size papers, and I print on an Epson printer. (Epson printers are also incredibly remarkable. I have used many other brands, but Epson is doing wondrous things with color printers. I like them!)....

...I am doing a lot of...watercolors and black and white drawings and cartoons in my journals and "artist's books"--one copy of a book only.

Oh, well, enough for now. Keep in touch. richard