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A friend's experience in NYC on September 11th

Date: Fri, 12 Oct 2001 09:33:17
From: Richard Lee <>
Subject: <no subject>

Dear Daralee--sorry to have been so out of touch, but we had a friend from New York with us last week. I felt he needed all our attention and support. He was on a subway train on Sept 11 just off to the side of the Towers when one of them collapsed or was hit. The car filled up with smoke. Passengers could not see. Finally they were led off the train, down the tracks to a place where they could surface. When they came up, they saw and heard for the first time what was happening. He had to walk to a friend's apartment up near Columbia University--about ten hours of walking.

I also hurt my darn back cleaning up after the concert and preparing for our friend's visit. So I creep around with a cane to hold me up. I hope you are faring better! Incidentally, he liked your Poets Tree site. He is a talented poet. Anyway, there you have it, me at my weakest. Have a nice, warm, windy weekend. richard