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Printers and scanners

Date: Thu, 16 Dec 1999 15:00:39
From: Richard E. Lee <>
Subject: Thank you!!

Thank you, Daralee, for your remarks about the card [I sent you]: both of the pictures are watercolors more or less: Windsor Newton watercolors and gouache and India ink to keep things straight... Actually, both of these are from journals I have kept. Then I scanned them, using a UMAX 2400s scanner, not an expensive scanner, and then printed on an Epson 1200 printer. I used 2 different papers: one was photo glossy HP paper, and the other is from a place in Escondido [California] called Dygraphics. They sell printing paper that is really high quality art paper. The paper is extraordinary, called Somerset Enhanced. I have bought several of their papers. You might look them up on the Internet. Daryl is the man I usually talk to. I like him and his outfit a lot. Anyway, thank you again. I wanted to answer you right away before I get caught up totally in the concert this weekend. So--have a pleasant weekend yourself. richard