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Visiting the Lee House in Joshua Tree, April 1993

Journal entries from April 13 and 14, 1993:

It's been a week and a few days since my friend and I took our trip to Joshua Tree….

I had talked to Dr. Lee a few days before, confirming our visit to see him (Richard) and Savya (Carol) Lee on Saturday, April 3, 1993.

The desert was different than I had imagined. The soil was not clay-like and baked dry, but quite soft and sandy. And there was far more vegetation than I thought there would be. Trees, cacti, shrubs, and grasses sprang up everywhere, leaving very little of the land barren.

We found a fascinating landscape full of interesting boulder formations, Joshua Trees, and various plant life, as we trekked up a dirt and sand path. A few wildflowers had erupted into full bloom, but as Dr. Lee had previously told me, most would not show their colors until later in the month.

On the trail in Joshua Tree, we found burro prints (unshod hoof marks), ants, and plenty of silence. It was so silent you could hear insects buzzing and your footsteps crunching in the sand, and, occasionally, a bird in the distance.

While climbing some boulders, I saw a pair of quail that chirped and scurried off on nimble feet as I pursued them (unsuccessfully) with my camera over a ridge. And we witnessed a lizard sunning itself, and caterpillars in their web, busily adding to their home.

Dr. Lee had his sketchbook handy, and painted a bunch of orange blossoms, along with an inspired thought, as he sat upon a boulder (see image of Richard on our hike).

We enjoyed a healthy, and tasty lunch when we returned to the house: fresh vegetable salad and potato salad (both prepared by Dr. Lee), tuna, cottage cheese and pineapple, peasant's roll, Good Earth tea, and Rainforest cookies.

Before lunch, we were given a tour of the add-on to the original homestead, and after lunch, we toured the original homestead.

We found the household décor quite fascinating: crystals displayed in abundance, as well as other quartz rocks, and art work by the Lees. The music room held all the treasures used in the Ceremonial Sounds performances by the Lees, artfully displayed.

The livingroom was overflowing with books and record albums, and the den was full of objects used for meditation, as well as photos of people from India.

Dr. Lee's drawing room, though quite cramped, was well-decorated with photos, paintings, drawings, and calligraphy works, making it cozy and comfortable in its own, personal way.

- Daralee

Visit with Lees at home in 1993