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Thoughts and Dreams in 2004

December 14, 2004


I just wanted you to know I thought about you today. That thought actually came after a friend and colleague at work told me she was despondent, thinking about a friend of hers who had died several years ago today. Suddenly I recalled you had also died today, and I told her about you. I said I thought you would probably prefer that people celebrate your life instead of mourn your death, and perhaps her friend might want that too.

In any case, I think of you not only on this day, but on other days and for other occasions. I often miss your friendship, but in some ways I feel it is still here and that you are also here with us -- at least in our hearts and minds.

I'd like to share some dreams I had about you this year. I had originally posted these to my blog site, but thought I'd reprint them here to share with anyone who might want to read them.

Wherever you are, I send you my best wishes and prayers. I will always remember all your kind deeds and your good energy. Your memory will live on forever....

Thursday, 19 August 2004

A Dream about a Mediterranean Home, Strange Pool

I had a really bizarre dream early Wednesday morning that kept me in bed longer than I should have remained!

It's strange how details often elude me when I awaken. But in the part that I can recollect, Dr. Lee and his wife Savya were there, and we were at some city situated in the hills, looking somewhat like San Francisco and Laguna Beach combined, but yet with more Mediterranean style architecture. There were narrow brick roads and cobblestone streets, white and beige walls with tiled rooftops, and cypress and palms all about. It almost seemed like medieval Europe, in a way. From my vantage point, the scene looked like a painting in the style of Henri Matisse, with colors straight out of the tube, and one-dimensional shapes.

It was a sunny day, and I saw him and Savya on the veranda of their small apartment. (None of these details about their home or lifestyle ring true to life!) They told me that they had taken a lovely walk to the beach, and had just returned. I was curious about going to that beach too, but figured it was too far away -- about 12 miles or so -- and couldn't get there right now since I was on my lunch hour. They said it was only a mile away! I thought then that I should go, and off I went.

But in the next scene, instead of being at the beach, I was at a secluded place behind a tall, wrought iron gate, surrounded by towering, broadleafed trees, with grassy slopes. The place was enshrouded in mist and somewhat dark, possessing the mood of an old cemetery. Right before me was a large, rectangular area the size and shape of an Olympic pool. This area was filled with water and wavy strips of grassy, hilly formations, spanning the length of the pool. In the water were many white, feathery objects that rose and subsided back atop the surface of the water. I found out that these were egrets! They were not real; they were mechanical birds.

When I went around to one of the long sides of the pool, I suddenly saw in the center of the pool a thick tree that wasn't there before. Beside this tree stood a figure of a mannequin dressed as a European, medieval warrior. He was holding a sign that was written in a strange language I could not decipher. Some of the characters looked like "G's" and some looked like "M's" but more heart-like in shape. There were double "L's" within one of the words. It almost seemed like a Nordic language, or Viking. When I looked at the opposite side of the pool, I suddenly noticed another mannequin there beside a tree, also dressed as a medieval knight without armor. He too held a similar sign, written in the same strange language.

I tried in vain to memorize the words on that placard, but when I awakened everything just vanished into thin air!

A Dream about an Old Office and a Raging River Outside

Once again, early this Thursday morning, I dreamt about Dr. Lee and Savya.

This time, it was late autumn or early winter, instead of taking place in late summer. I was working upstairs in an old office building that Dr. Lee supposedly lived in, before moving out a few weeks ago. (I've never seen the place in my life!) The dingy room where I sat -- with my PC set up on a beat-up wooden desk -- still had pieces of furniture that belonged to the Lees. I was told by co-workers that the Lees would be returning to pick up the rest of their furniture some time soon. This heavy furniture -- tables of various sizes, with thick, short legs -- was pushed off to the side of the room, standing on end. They were made of pine and painted with garish, bright red hearts, in a crude Bavarian style. (By the way, none of these things I described yesterday or today reflect the Lees' taste or lifestyle, or remotely resembles anything about their home or possessions! They were/are fond of the desert, after all!)

In the next scene, I was gazing out the window of the office and saw a riverbed swollen with swiftly flowing white water that was almost crashing down like a waterfall. Some of my co-workers invited me to ride down that river with them, for it was a ride at a water park. I had ridden this river before, when it was tame and shallow. On this new venture, I lay down upon an open raft that flashed down the hillside, swerving around sharp boulders and forests of firs and pine. It was a somewhat scary ride, but exhilarating at the same time! I was surprised that I didn't get wet, and remained intact at the end of the ride!

This makes two mornings in a row in which I dreamt about the Lees. I wonder what it could mean?

- Daralee