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A life of divine mystery

excerpt from a letter dated February 17, 1992

...We live a life of literally divine mystery. Because when we come down to it, we don't know what anything is, not really and truly, not as in itself it is. So we, mystery of mysteries our very selves, move among mysteries in our universe. For me, of course, this basic and obvious truth is so exhiliarating I want to jump up and down with it, tell everyone, "Don't you see you don't see? And you don't because you are not supposed to." So we put out trusting hands and let the universe guide us in its own mysterious ways. And it always comes out exactly the way it is supposed to. True, any step along the way may seem wrong--the universe goofed?--but ultimately we come to know the truth of it. That step was the step for us at the moment....

About poetry, all I can say is follow your heart, write what seems right at the moment, lose control, even direction. Let things happen, let words lighten the page. I like what you say about your work--trying to be honest and moment to moment. Go into the dark places of yourself. You are a good poet. Don't spend too much time looking back? Maybe that is all the advice I would think to give.

One last thought: you are opening doors, finding yourself behind each one. You cannot escape who you are. A very true and profound and touching discovery and self-analysis. But if you closed every door, there would still be you. It is that You you are trying to find, and it is always right there, a consciousness that persists and continues regardless of any external event or fact, of any hurt or satisfaction, of any loss or gain. There is always You and that is who you are....