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Springtime once more in Joshua Tree

excerpt from a letter dated April 5, 1994

...It's been a long time since I wrote you last. Time does that to me now that I am retired. (You should consider early retirement, Daralee. It's a great way to live. Be as quiet as a rock, as gritty as sand, and as colorful as a cholla bush alive with chartreuse blossoms. Be like a Joshua Tree with its arms outstretched saying hello hello hello and hello and goodbye. Be like that. Or just BE. And be happy....)

Spring has sprung here: flowers are coming out one by one, not in hordes and tons and batallions as in the past. The first ones are usually the yellow wildflowers, then yellow and red ones, then blues, purple, and on and on into a nightmare of color. It is a magic time of year....

How doB I live?
Let me count the ways:  I draw
                                  I paint
                                  I make single-copy books
                                  I write strangely spiritual tracts
                                  I count stars at night
                                  I try to keep track of time and fail every time

I end my letters to you with LOVE, with Best and Holiest and Happiest of Wishes to you and yours. May this year be a year of marvelous adventures. May you visit new places, find new African Violets to name and care for....