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Macintosh woes

excerpt from a letter dated April 5, 1997

...It could be this computer [is] causing my drop in energy. Maybe I should sell it, put it out on a rock and let the weather teach it manners. It sits here on my desk looking so very efficient and even threatening--as if it belonged to someone with an MBA from Harvard. But I have trouble making the dumb thing do what it's supposed to do. Email for example. I swear things don't always get through, either in or out. So where does it all go? What limbo are my letters stuck in? And I crash a lot, not enough memory allocated to a particular task. And I think: is this the way I want to spend my time, fighting a machine that speaks in 0's and 1's and bombs??/>!!!##@?? Apple/Macintosh! I now know why they didn't call it Golden Delicious.

But enough of my complaints. Except to say that as you know teenagers are not allowed to drive without their parent's signature. I think it would be a good idea if teenagers had to sign if their parents or grandparents wanted to buy a computer. Don't you think that's a neat idea? If that had been true when I got my computer...