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From Arkansas to New Mexico

excerpt from a letter postmarked May 28, 1984

...I have not been so creative recently.
I have just returned from Arkansas.
We [Savya and I] were back there buying crystals,
bundles and boxes and baskets
of crystals. I don't know if you
are interested in crystals at all, but
right now I am. They are super fantastically
interesting. We use them in healing,
in meditation, in channeling, and just for
looking at. Some have little mountain landscapes
and seascapes and colors and inclusions beyond
descriptions in them.

Also went to Taos on the way back, way up
in the high, high mountains of New Mexico
at a place called the Lama Foundation.
Marvelous journey to another world.
Also a very holy, sacred place in New
Mexico: the Sanctuario de Chimayo where
miracles have been occurring for centuries and