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excerpt from a letter dated August 22, 1993

...Sedona is a fascinating place but it is not the place for crystals necessarily. We went to Arkansas and bought crystals about ten years ago. We even did a little mining for them there. And we have bought crystals from Brazil. The best are from Madagascar, I think. I have a two-inch crystal ball from there. It has but one small flaw in it. Otherwise it is a clear crystal ball for sure, the kind people look into. The crystals we know most about come from Brazil, Madagascar, Arkansas, but they are found everywhere, even here, but they are not all as perfect in shape or color or articulation. But all crystals are good. God made them all. Sedona is a place of overwhelming power and beauty. It is red-rock, red-mountain, red-cliff country. It is said that American Indians would not live there because the energy was too strong. It is a place one goes to for healing, for a ceremony, then leaves. We have--Savya and I and a singer who now lives there--given concerts there. I have led several, perhaps half a dozen or so drumming journey groups there. I have also done healings or extractions there. But Sedona has millions of tourists each and every year. It is definitely a tourist town. So be prepared. I have also drawn and tried to paint mountains there.

I am not doing much Shamanically these days. I am doing a lot of painting, drawing, writing in my journals--that kind of thing. It all comes together there for me. Playing my pennywhistle, drumming. Like that. Typing up a story Savya wrote that is so great....I am painting yantras, then binding them into signatures as small books or booklets. You will see when you come visit again.

...Anyway I go now. When I said...that I was no longer doing much Shamanism, what I meant was that I was not doing the kind I studied to do. Now I am my own brand of Shaman, I guess....