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Moonrise concert

excerpt from a letter dated September 14, 1995

Greetings, friend! It has been one very long time, hasn't it? I apologize profusely and guiltily and hopelessly. What in the world is wrong with me? letting time get away from me, locking my lips--and computer--and making as if I were on another planet? Anyway--sorry. SORRY. I can't even say it will never happen again because I am so unpredictable it is hard to know when to believe me. So there you have it, Daralee, confessions of a derelict delinquent.

But, my, this summer has been trying, so hot day after day. I try to walk every morning and every evening, but sometimes I couldn't even do that. I tend to melt in hot humid thoughtless weather. Well, it is still hot, dumb hot, but there is a light in the air that is autumn light. Fall is coming. Fall will be here any day now. I even washed my winter warm up suit to nudge the weather along, to remind it that I am ready if and when it is.

We gave an outdoor concert here Saturday evening, the night after the full moon. I looked in the LA Times to get the exact moonrise time. I had everyone turn chairs away from musicians, facing out at the desert and the place the moon would be coming from--due East in other words--then Manon [Robertshaw Trent] and I climbed on the roof of the house and just as the moon began its ascent we began to drum. It was as if we were drumming the moon up. Five or ten minutes of that. Then we went back downstairs into the music room where Savya was waiting for us. We played together for an hour, but we played inside the room to the people outside who were facing away from us. It was, as someone said, magical. We musicians were relaxed. The audience could concentrate on what as important--full moon rising over desert landscape.

As I may have told you, we put out another tape. We did it at the studio of Brent Lewis, a major US drummer. What happened was he asked us to come play for him at his studio and then he paid us by letting us record in his studio. He gave us the option of being paid money or using his place. We are now mentioned on his CD but are such a minimal part of the CD I am kind of embarrassed. Anyway we put out the tape. I frankly like it, but I don't think many other people do. On one side I do a lot of fluting, using Irish Pennywhistles and American Indian flutes. I have never done that before. The second side is pretty wild. But it's good if you have a head cold or if you are trying to wake up. Or something. Maybe trying to bug a neighbor with wild noise. But there it is. Savya likes it too. But as I say, not everyone else is as enthusiastic. But since I am not a musician and don't have much ego invested, I can be rather indifferent. It was just a game anyway.

...Savya is taking a drawing class at the College up here. I do my meditation-art. (I am not an artist either, so I can do any darned thing I want to and no one can tell me it's wrong. It might be wrong for an artist, but I am not an artist. You see how it goes!) I hope you are happy at home and at work and that you have much joy in your life. You deserve it. I hope your future is brimful of good cheer....