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Rain in Joshua Tree

excerpt from a letter postmarked November 2, 1987

...I am teaching this semester
at CSULB. That means a long, long
drive to Long Beach every Monday, and then
a long, long drive back here on Friday.
Well, it is nice having two homes
as different as these two homes are.
In the city I find it hard
to believe I actually live on the desert.
In Joshua Tree I can't quite remember
what Long Beach was or is even like.
So I am divided, am in two.
What else is new for a Pisces maniac?...

It is raining on the desert.
There is glorious wet waterfalling from
the sky. It is gray out. Green grass
is growing where sand expects to grow.
The rabbits are wet. The wild rabbits that
inhabit our yard are wet. Coyotes call back
and forth in wet barks. They yip in wet menace.
Oh, life here to day is topsy turvy and magnificent....