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Tour of Olive: Section D

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Section D

1Stockton and Kearny Campsite marker: The plaque [pictured right in 2010] explains that the united forces of Commodore Robert Field Stockton and General Stephen Watts Kearny camped near the site of this marker on Riverdale Avenue, west of where Orange-Olive Road ends, on January 6, 1847, en route to Los Angeles. The soldiers reportedly slept in one of the irrigation ditches made by the Yorba family which ran alongside the Santa Ana River.

  Stockton and Kearny campsite marker

2Olive Heights Citrus Association: This building in which the packing house operated [pictured right in 1982] was constructed of concrete in 1928 on the western side of the railroad tracks at 104 Railroad Street (Orange-Olive Road) [see 1926 Sanborn Map] following the destruction of its original wooden building by fire at the site across the street [see 1922 photo].

The last citrus packing house to remain in Olive, operations ceased in 1984 after the company merged with the Olive Heights Citrus Association plant in Corona. In 1987, the property was sold to a developer. Fire gutted the structure in December 1988, and the building was razed in 1997.

  Olive Heights Citrus Association, 1982

3Olive Volunteer Fire Department: This adobe brick building, built in 1948 [pictured right in 1982], stood near the northeastern corner of Railroad Street (Orange-Olive Road) and Anaheim-Olive Boulevard (Lincoln).

As the town of Olive began to diminish over time, nearly all the original response area of Olive VFD was annexed into neighboring cities. In 1987, the property was sold to a developer. Fire Station 20 was deactivated in 1996, and the building razed in 1997.

Thankfully, my sister suggested I capture the images of the Sunkist packing house and fire station on film using her Pentax camera. She sadly, and correctly, believed that one day these buildings would disappear forever.

  Volunteer Fire Department, 1982

4First National Bank of Olive: This building, constructed by the order of Henry C. Meyers in 1916 [pictured right circa 1925], sat on the northwestern corner of Anaheim-Olive Blvd. (Lincoln Ave.) at Railroad Street (Orange-Olive Road). The bank operated out of this building until it closed in 1933. The building was used for other operations until it was razed in 1966 due to the realignment of Lincoln Avenue.

  First National Bank of Olive, c1925
5 Olive Garage: About the time the First National Bank of Olive appeared, the Olive Garage was built across the street at the southwestern corner of Anaheim-Olive Blvd. and Railroad Street. The brick building [pictured right circa 1925] still stands today at 606 E. Lincoln Avenue in Orange, occupied by C.C.c.c. Heating & Air Conditioning since around October 1983. The Olive Garage business completely relocated to 2845 Orange-Olive Road in 1984, where it continues to operate today in the modified 1920s gas station building.   Olive Garage c1925


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