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Olustee Battlefield State Historic Site

The Battle of Olustee (Ocean Pond) began as a skirmish on February 20, 1864, then escalated into a full-scale battle in the pine woods by Olustee Station, near the swamplands in north-central Florida. Though the Union forces of Brigadier General Truman Seymour and the Confederate troops of Brigadier General Joseph Finegan were evenly matched—with approximately 5000 soldiers from each side swept up in combat—the four-hour battle ended in a bitter defeat for the Federals. The Union lost more than 1800 soldiers killed, wounded, missing or captured—among the highest percentage of casualties in the war—a far greater loss in comparison to the Confederacy's casualties of fewer than 950 soldiers.

As a result of the Battle of Olustee, the Federals retreated to Jacksonville. This battle of the Florida Campaign would be the largest battle of the Civil War fought in the state.

Olustee battlefield was acquired by the state of Florida in 1909.

Olustee Battlefield

Olustee Battlefield

Pictured here are the pine woods and palmetto shrubs of Olustee Battlefield State Historic Site.

Photo by CNO


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