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This photo essay features significant places relevant to the Civil War, organized in chronological order by occurrence of the historical event. The first page shows an image from Harpers Ferry where the pre-Civil War incident of John Brown's Raid took place, adding fuel to the topics of slavery and states rightsócauses that increasingly divided the nation. The War would break out a year-and-a-half later, ending after four tumultuous years. The last page of this essay includes monuments in Georgia and Virginia.

October 16, 1859:   Harpers Ferry National Historical Park
April 12, 1861:   Fort Sumter National Monument
7/21/61 & 8/28-30/62:   Manassas National Battlefield Park
September 17, 1862:   Antietam National Battlefield
December 13, 1862:   Fredericksburg National Military Park
April 27 - May 5, 1863:   Chancellorsville Battlefield
July 1-3, 1863:   Gettysburg National Military Park
February 20, 1864:   Olustee Battlefield State Historic Site
May 8-21, 1864:   Spotsylvania National Military Park
June 1-12, 1864:   Cold Harbor Battlefield
6/15/1864 - 4/2/1865:   Petersburg National Battlefield
April 9, 1865:   Appomattox Court House N.H.P.
1866, 1879:   Monuments in Savannah, Ga. and Arlington, Va.


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