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Portraits of Valor

Storming Fort Wagner chromolithograph

"Storming Fort Wagner"
Colonel Robert Gould Shaw and the men of the 54th Massachusetts are depicted
in this chromolithograph by Louis Kurz and Alexander Allison, printed in 1890.

The bravery of soldiers and civilians is celebrated in poetry and illustrations.

"The Brave at Home" by Thomas Buchanan Read
"Kearny at Seven Pines" by Edmund Clarence Stedman
"The Unsung Heroes" by Paul Laurence Dunbar
"The Blue and the Gray" by Francis Miles Finch
"The Women Who Went to the Field" by Clara Barton
"Ode" by Henry Timrod
"The Artilleryman's Vision" by Walt Whitman
"Only a Private" by Margaret Junkin Preston

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