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Another Look at the Civil War

This section of "Life Stories of Civil War Heroes" takes a look at the war from another perspective. These views include those of civilians of the era, as well as modern commentaries.

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From the Diary of Clara Solomon

When the Civil War began, Clara Solomon was a 16-year-old living with her family in New Orleans. These excerpts from her diary reveal the experiences as a wealthy girl of the South in 1862, after learning of the Battle of Shiloh, and during the first weeks of the Union Army's occupation of the city.

  Clara Solomon

Civil War Places

This photo essay features significant Civil War sites, organized in chronological order by occurrence of the historical event. The first page shows an image from Harpers Ferry where the pre-Civil War incident of John Brown's Raid took place, adding fuel to the topics of slavery and states rightsócauses that increasingly divided the nation. Also included in this essay are photos of monuments.

  Confederate Memorial

The Legacy of Our Civil War Heroes

A commentary on our Civil War heroes by "1st Dragoon": When I think about our Civil War heroes, I think about their contributions to our nation and how they have made a difference in our lives today. If not for their valorous deeds in the face of adversity—their commitment to fighting for the cause in which they fervently believed—we would have fewer role models by which we can shape our lives....

  Joshua Chamberlain

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