A Tribute to Richard E. Lee:
A Poet, Artist, and Friend

I have had many teachers in my life, but the one who has taught me the most about poetry is Richard E. Lee. Through the many years I have known him, Richard has been an inspiration to me, introducing me to great poetic works, and enlightening me on the nature of poetry. It was because of his encouragement that I decided to study poems more avidly, and it was under his guidance that my poetry began to find its own voice.

Thus, I am indebted to Richard for the poems I write today, and for the positive and profound influence poetry has had on my life in general. So it is with great pleasure that I present to you a few of the poems and illustrations of a wonderful person whom I am happy to have as a friend, Richard Lee.

desert watercolor by R. Lee
watercolor and ink by Richard Lee

Poems by Richard Lee:

Rock Garden
Made in Taiwan
Shaman Song
A day of faces to be
the desert i know best

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See at this site "Yuki Neko's Zen Garden" for poems by Ryokan, one of Richard Lee's favorite poets.

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