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Robert Nichols
- Battery Moving Up to
  a New Position from
  Rest Camp: Dawn

- Comrades: An Episode


Robert Nichols

Robert NicholsRobert Nichols was born in 1893 on the Isle of Wight in Great Britain, and educated at Winchester and Oxford. While still an undergraduate at Trinity College, Oxford, he enlisted in the army, and served as 2nd Lieutenant in the Royal Field Artillery, participating in the Battle of Loos and the Battle of Somme. A friend of Siegfried Sassoon and Rupert Brooke, Nichols' first volume of poetry, Invocations, was published while he was at the Front. Nichols visited the United States as a lecturer in 1918 to 1919. Nichols' depiction of the war can be found in his collection of epic poetry entitled Ardours and Endurances; Also, A Faun's Holiday & Poems & Phantasies, published in 1917.

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