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Contributed by Brian Pohanka

This section of the site features writings and images pertaining to the Great War by Civil War historian and author Brian Pohanka.

This sub-section features a partial translation from the French of Maurice Genevoix's Ceux de 14, and images with accompanying comments about Great War battlefields and soldiers.

The Western Front:
This sub-section features Brian's quick sketches of a few of the Great War battlefields he visited. These comments were originally posted at a Civil War discussion group site and are reprinted here with the author's permission.


Kilmer's gravesiteVeteran Mills
Saki's gravesite
Beaumont Hamel
Serre Road Cemetery No. 2
About the Contributor:
Special thanks to Brian Pohanka for contributing scanned photos, his translation from the memoirs of Great War author Maurice Genevoix, and descriptions of various Great War battlefields in France. (See the Site Dedication to Brian Pohanka, who passed away on June 15, 2005.)

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