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My sincere thanks to John Cheraz, Dutch Hoffmann, and historians William Styple and Brian Pohanka for their contributions to "Life Stories of Civil War Heroes."

Prior to posting the original site at GeoCities on September 1, 1998, I scarcely had any knowledge of building Web pages. Fortunately, John Cheraz provided me with tools and guidance through the initial stages of creating that Web site. As for the contents of the site, though I have written most of the articles and essays in this collection, I am grateful to have received assistance, feedback, and contributions from valuable sources. Dutch Hoffmann has added humor to the serious subject of war with his entertaining, historically-based letters, written as if he were a Confederate cavalryman. Bill Styple has supplied text, artifacts, and images in articles pertaining to Philip Kearny. Brian Pohanka has shared not only his knowledge of the Civil War, but has contributed writings, editorial comments, images, and advice. Mr. Pohanka has encouraged me in the ongoing work for this site, and for all his care and work in preserving the memory of the Civil War soldier, continually serves as an inspiration.

Thank you, visitors, for participating in this Civil War experience.

Your Obedient Servant, "1st Dragoon"

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