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Image of Kearny circa 1862, from William Styple.

Philip Kearny (pronounced CAR-nee) was a flamboyant adventurer and soldier who most notably fought for the United States of America in the Mexican, Indian, and Civil Wars. During his brilliant military career he proved himself honorable, chivalrous, and compassionate towards his men, with a joie de vivre that inspired his troops in battle. Kearny's courage earned him the respect of his soldiers and fellow officers alike, the greatest of which came from General-in-Chief Winfield Scott who called him "the bravest and most perfect soldier" he had ever known.


The Biography of Philip Kearny

"The Bravest of the Brave"

Philip Kearny's Pages

In Memory of Philip Kearny
Philip Kearny at the Battle of Chantilly
Kearny's Corner
An American Soldier's Gallant Fight in the Battle of Solferino
A Dashing Dragoon: The Murat of the American Army

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Philip Kearny: "The Bravest of the Brave" - The story of Philip Kearny's life.

In Memory of Philip Kearny - A tribute to General Philip Kearny, featuring the famous poem "Kearny at Seven Pines" by Edmund Clarence Stedman, images of the Kearny Cross and Kearny Medal of Valor, and the lithograph "Death of General Kearny, September 1, 1862" by Allen C. Redwood.

Philip Kearny at the Battle of Chantilly - Read about the battle in a description written by Kearny's aide de camp, and see a picture of Kearny's statue at Arlington National Cemetery where he is buried. Also included is a picture of the markers to Kearny and Stevens at Ox Hill Battlefield Park. These monuments were placed there in memory of the two generals who fell and died on the battlefield of Chantilly (Ox Hill).

Kearny's Corner - This page features Civil War stories and anecdotes about General Philip Kearny by soldiers who knew him.

An American Soldier's Gallant Fight in the Battle of Solferino - Historian William B. Styple contributes information in a special article on the occasion of the 140th anniversary of the Battle of Solferino. Accompanying this article is a photo of the battlefield as it looks today, and of Kearny in civilian dress in 1859. The Battle of Solferino, fought June 24, 1859, was key in the Italian Campaign of the Franco-Austrian War, and also found Kearny proving his bravery in combat, earning him the Cross of the Legion of Honor.

A Dashing Dragoon: The Murat of the American Army - A special tribute to Kearny written by prose-poet Mayne Reid and published in 1869. While serving as a captain of the New York Volunteers during the Mexican War, Reid knew Kearny as a "dashing dragoon." This article also references Kearny's service during the Civil War.

The Biography of Corporal Charles Hopkins - Charles Hopkins was a private with Company I of the 1st New Jersey Volunteer Infantry when he served in Kearny's Brigade of Jersey Blues. Following the war, Hopkins set forth to honor the brigade's beloved general, whom he was indebted for shaping the 1st New Jersey men into soldiers during the war.

The Significance of Veterans Day - Accompanying this article about Veteran's Day is an historical photo commemorating the unveiling of Kearny's equestrian statue at Arlington National Cemetery, on November 11, 1914. Pictured before the monument in this photo is Civil War veteran Charles Hopkins.

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