Daralee's Web World

Welcome to Web World. This site features links to Web sites designed by Daralee. Each of the sites represented in this collection serves to inspire the visitor and/or to honor the subject(s) of the site.

Daralee's Web World: The Poets' Tree

Poetry thrives; is alive and living. Join us in a celebration of poems by a variety poets in various cultures and times.

Daralee's Web World: Richard E. Lee Remembered

Richard E. Lee Remembered was created in honor of Richard E. Lee, my former poetry teacher at CSULB and friend who helped me with my poems and influenced my life in many positive ways.

Daralee's Web World: Life Stories of Civil War Heroes

Life Stories of Civil War Heroes is an award-winning, academically acclaimed site honoring the noble and brave souls who lived during America's Civil War, from 1861-1865. These individuals performed great and extraordinary deeds that they might never have accomplished, had they not suffered and endured great trials, and persevered.

Daralee's Web World: Voices from the Fields

Voices from the Fields: Poetry and Sketches of the Great War features poetry, photos, and a collection of memorabilia from World War I. The late historian Brian Pohanka was a significant contributor to this site.

Daralee's Web World: Olive Through the Ages

Olive Through the Ages is a tribute site to the history of the Olive community in Orange County, California.

Daralee's Web World: Gordon T. McClelland Art and Labels

Art and Labels is a Web site designed by Gordon T. McClelland and Daralee for Gordon's family business that buys and sells old California paintings and vintage fruit box labels.

Daralee's Web World: The Slackjaw Bros.

The Slackjaw Bros. are Brother Tom and Brother Ray who perform classic American music. Check out their performance schedule and listen to cuts from their "Almost Live" CD.

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