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Poets' Tree

The Poets' Tree celebrates poetry written by a variety of poets from various cultures and times, and promotes a positive attitude on living and life.

Featured at this site are poems by: Narihira, Lao Tzu, Miyamoto Musashi, Elizabeth Bishop, Robinson Jeffers, Charles Simic, Denise Levertov, Harold S. Kushner, Antonio Machado, Novalis, Hermann Hesse, Ryokan, Seng-ts'an, St. Francis of Assisi, Nalungiaq, George Walters, Max Erhmann, Kahlil Gibran, Minamoto no Toshiyori, Big Thunder, Eagle Chief, Juan Ramon Jimenez, Luther Standing Bear, Tagore, Mahmud Darwish, Simon J. Ortiz, and N. Scott Momaday.

A special tribute to the late poet Richard E. Lee showcases his poetry and artwork.

Also included at this site are words from Ecclesiastes, the ancient Egyptian, Dhammapada, Sanskrit, Yoruba of Africa, Dinka of Africa, and Native American; and a Gaelic blessing and Chinese proverb.

It is my hope that this site provides a quiet respite from the noise and confusion of these often hectic times, as you make your journey through life. May you find each day filled with beauty and wonder. In the words of poet Narihira:

I have always known
That at last I would
Take this road,
but yesterday I
did not know it would
be today.

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