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Timeline: 1914

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06/28: Archduke Francis Ferdinand, heir to the throne of Austria-Hungary, shot dead in Sarajevo by a Serbian student.
07/28: Austria declares war on Serbia. Russia begins to mobilize against Austria to support its Serbian allies. Austria calls on Germany for support.
08/03: German forces invade Belgium.
08/04: Britain declares war against Germany and its allies, in support of Belgium.
08/13: First bombing attack: German Taube monoplane drops grenades on Paris.
08/23: Battle of Mons between British Expeditionary Force and German Army. British withdraw.
08/26: Battle of Le Cateau between German and British. British losses great.
08/28: Battle of Heligoland Bight. Germans lose three light cruisers, Mainz, Köln, and Ariadne, and a destroyer with more than 1000 men. British lose 35 men killed and no ships.
09/XX: British and Indian Army attacks Tanga, German East Africa, but are driven off with heavy losses in troops.
09/03-09: Battle of the Marne. Germans beaten back by French.
09/13-28: First Battle of the Aisne. French and British forces make further assaults after the Marne.
09/22: British cruisers HMSS Aboukir, Cressy, and Hogue sunk by German U-boat.
10/XX: Turkey enters the war on Germany's side. Flight Sub-Lieutenant Marix bombs and destroys Zeppelin ZIX at Düsseldorf.
10/19- 11/21: First Battle of Ypres. Repeated attacks by Germans on British driven off.
11/01: Battle of Coronel. German raiding force overwhelms British cruisers Good Hope and Monmouth. All Monmouth's company are lost.
11/09: German raider Emden sunk by Australian cruiser HMAS Sydney.
12/08: Battle of the Falkland Isles. German flagship Scharnhorst lost to British battle-cruisers.

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