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Timeline: 1918

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03/21-04/05: Second Battle of Somme. Numerous casualties on both sides, amongst the British and French, and German forces.
04/09-29: Battle of the Lys. Germans recapture Messines Ridge but are defeated by Belgian, British, and Canadian troops.
05/27-06/02: Third Battle of the Aisne. Germans attack the French positions but Americans clear them out of the woods. The British line holds and the Germans end their attack.
06/09-13: Battle of Noyon-Montdidier. Germans continue to threaten Paris, but the French defense halt their attacks and inflict heavy losses on the Germans.
06/15-22: Austrians are driven back by Anglo-French and Italians along the Piave River line.
07/15-08/05: Second Battle of the Marne. The last major German offensive on the Western Front, ending with a French army being crushed, and the Germans being held back by French, American, British, and Italian troops.
07/18-08/03: Marne sector attack by Germans. British, French, American, and Italian forces hold back the Germans and retake the salient.
08/08-09/03: Battle of Amiens. "Black Day of the German Army" as Germans are attacked by Allies, losing all gains on the Somme.
09/XX: Three RAF squadrons destroy a Bulgarian force in a narrow pass in Macedonia.
09/12: Battle of St. Mihiel. Americans and French attack Germans, driving them from the salient.
09/26-11/11: Battle of the River Meuse-Argonne Forest. Americans and French attack Germans, forcing them back.
09/27-11/11: Battle of Cambrai-St. Quentin. Germans are driven further back by the Allies, losing all ground they had gained since 1914.
09/30: Bulgaria signs an armistice.
10/17: Unrestricted submarine warfare ends.
10/24-11/03: Italian and Allied Forces drive back Austro-Hungarians over the Piave River.
10/30: Turkey negotiates an armistice.
11/03: Austria-Hungary signs an armistice.
11/11: Germany seeks and is granted an armistice, after Kaiser Wilhelm II abdicates and flees to Holland (neutral territory) the day before.
11/25: The remaining forces in German East Africa surrender.

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