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Timeline: 1915

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01/19: First Zeppelin raid against Britain, striking Yarmouth and King's Lynn.
01/24: Battle of Dogger Bank. British battle-cruisers sink German armored cruiser Blücher.
02/19: Royal Navy and French ships begin bombardment of outer forts of the Dardanelles.
04/22-05/24: Second Battle of Ypres. Germans launch new offensive using poison gas for the first time, breaching the British line. Repeated German assaults are driven off.
04/25: British, Anzac, and French operations combine together at Gallipoli.
05/07: British liner Lusitania torpedoed and sunk off the Irish coast.
05/24: Italy joins the war, siding with the Allies.
09/25-10/15: Battle of Loos. British use poison gas for the first time. Germans retain the line. Casualties: 50,000 British, 140,000 Germans, 190,000 French.
09/28: Anglo-Indian force captures Kut-al-Amara, Mesopotamia.
11/22: Allies under Townshend attack Cresiphon, but are forced to retire into Kut-al-Amara.
12/20-01/09/16: Gallipoli beaches evacuated. British and Commonwealth losses: 41,000 killed and missing, 78,500 wounded; French: 9,000 killed, 13,000 wounded; Turks: 66,000 killed and missing.
12/XX-04/29/16: Townshend's troops surrender; 8,000 prisoners taken by Turks.

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